Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference: “Two Lives, One Love”

Please see below key points from the submission of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference to the Citizens’ Assembly on the topic of the Eighth Amendment.  The full text, which follows in English, Irish and Polish, was submitted to the Citizens’ Assembly on 9 December 2016 and was also made available in parishes: The Constitution celebrates the equality of the mother and the […]

The difference between dignity and liberty. A book by Giovanni Turco straddling philosophy and rights.

According to classical and Christian philosophy, and particularly so in the mainstream of Aristotle and Thomas, liberty does not belong to the essence of man. In other words, man is not man insofar as free, even if each man is free. Liberty is a property that derives from essence, and in particular from the specific difference of rationality. Man is […]

What future for Europe? Christian roots and radical relativism, the Union’s peoples and policies

Scienza & Vita, Firenze, 26 March 2018   The XI Report of the Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân Our Report on Europe[1] voices a rather severe judgment regarding the process of unification and the current approach adopted by the European Union, and this unto the point of considering it a failure with respect to some of its features, as the title […]