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The X Report of the Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân dedicated to political Islam

Rapporto 10

THE INTEGRATION ISLAM CANNOT ACCEPT . THE REPORT OF THE OBSERVATORY CARDINAL VAN THUÂN ON “ISLAM: A POLITICAL ISSUE”   The X Report of the Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân dedicated to political Islam (see here) “opens a new avenue” and delves into the reality of political Islam, while at the same time analyzing its “compatibility or incompatibility with the principles […]

The European Union: an institutional structure/system that insists on ignoring the history of the western world. The IX Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World has been published.

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By now, people at large should have become aware of the artificial and spurious character of the European Union, initially created to reincarnate the reality of Europe, but which seems like everything except Europe. Inflated may well be the use of the word ‘crisis’ evoked to depict the current malaise, but it comes across as the word best suited in […]

The chaos of migration, the migration of chaos. VIII Report on the Social Doctrine in the World.


Introductory Synopsis MIGRATION IMPOSED, TOLLERATED, PLANNED   Stefano Fontana[1]   Right before our very eyes are the tremendous migratory phenomena of these our times, but we nonetheless have the distinct feeling that we cannot explain them in full. We are very familiar with the data, even if few indeed are the patient analysts who make an effort to collate and […]

The New Wars of Religion.


Serie: Journals of the Observatory/13 Publisher: Cantagalli Pages: 96 Price: €9,59 “The problem is that for a democratic government, freedom of religion is nothing more than freedom of worship; in other words, the right to believe in whomsoever or whatsoever one wishes, as long as that is done at home or in appropriate places”. This is a quotation from an […]

Pacem in terris in the light of the hermeneutics of the reform in continuity


Publisher: Cantagalli Pages: 194 Price: €12,00 Now available in bookstores is the thirteenth volume of the Observatory Series published by Cantagalli of Siena: Ettore Malnati e Marco Roncalli, Pacem in terris. Ultimo dono di Giovanni XXIII (Preface by Most. Rev. Giampaolo Crepaldi), Cantagalli, Siena 2013. Offered to our readers as a foretaste is the Preface by Archbishop Crepaldi.   Preface […]

The Council restored to the Church. Now available the new Stefano Fontana’s book.


Publisher: La Fontana di Siloe Pages: 192 Price: €18,00 Now available in bookstores is Stefano Fontana’s book entitled “The Council Restored to the Church: Ten Questions about Vatican II” (Edizioni La Fontana di Siloe, Torino 2013, pp. 192, € 18,00 – www.lafontanadisiloe.it). Published for your reading is the Preface to the book by Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, Bishop of Trieste and […]



Serie: Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World 2012 Publisher: Cantagalli INTRODUCTORY SYNTHESIS Flavio Felice, Stefano Fontana, Fernando Fuentes Alcantara, Daniel Passaniti, Manuel Ugarte Cornejo [1]   THE COLONIALIZATION OF HUMAN NATURE The phenomenon of the “colonialization of human nature” erupted on the surface with all its pervasive power and might in 2011, the year to […]

Third Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World.


Publisher: Cantagalli Third Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World Edizioni Cantagalli, Siena 2011     The Institutional promoters of the Report The 2011 Report was drafted by the International Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân on the Social Doctrine of the Church in collaboration with the Centro de Pensamiento Social Católico of the University San  Pablo of […]

Towards metaprofit: gratuitousness and profit in business management.


Serie: Journal of the Observatory/12 Publisher: Cantagalli Pages: 180 Price: €12,00 Dialogue between economy and the Social Doctrine of the Church becomes increasingly intense in times of crisis: the challenges of contemporary economy, which seems unable to absorb its own failures, increase in numbers in the quest for new solutions. This book seeks to offer a new outlook on the […]