Cities of God, The Real Story of How Christianity Became an Urban Movement and Conquered Rome.

Publisher: Lindau Pages: 330 Price: €24 Even though well documented academic and specialized studies – nowadays easily accessible on the market – illustrating the contrary have substantially increased in number, the common vulgata that projects original Christianity as a pauperistic-revolutionary movement of the oppressed and reads its affirmation in history as the “poisoned fruit” of the merely political option of […]

Leo XIII in pill form.

Publisher: Editrice Fede e Cultura Price: €10 “Much has been said to the masses about what are defined as the rights of man; they should also be told about the rights of God”. This phrase is taken from the Magisterium of Leo XIII, as we read in the book of the historian Angela Pellicciari (“Leone XIII in pillole”- Editrice Fede&Cultura), […]

Papal Encyclical Charity in Truth Examined in the Philippine Context: Selected Papers on Caritas in Veritate.

Publisher: University of Asia and the Pacific Pages: 220 On the occasion of the first anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth), the University of Asia and the Pacific has published the world’s first book on integral human development in the context of a particular country. Development is integral if it promotes “the good of […]

El desarrollo humano integral. Comentarios interdisciplinares a la encíclica Caritas in veritate de Benedicto XVI

Publisher: Iter Pages: 369 On the occasion of the recent visit by Benedict XVI to Santiago and Barcelona, twenty professors of six universities located in the Catalan capital (Universidad de Barcelona, IESE-U. de Navarra, U. Ramon Llull, U. Abat Oliba-CEU, U. Internacional de Cataluña e Facultad de Teología de Cataluña) published a book of “interdisciplinary commentary” on the Encyclical Caritas […]

The Theological Matrix of Society.

Publisher: Rubbettino Pages: 222 Considered as a whole, and despite the typical and quite natural differences due to the respective variables of place and culture from north to south or east to west, present day western society projects a series of recurrent and apparently contradictory sociological characteristics: a high degree of complexity, ongoing interaction among its diverse components, stratified phenomena […]

2012 Catastrophism and the End of Time.

Publisher: Piemme Pages: 210 Price: €15,50 The authors of this book, Riccardo Cascioli, correspondent of Avvenire and director of the agency Development and Population (Svipop), and Antonio Gaspari, editor of Zenit International News Agency and scientific coordinator of the masters programme in Environmental Sciences at the European University of Rome, do not believe 21 December 2012 is an unavoidable deadline […]

Long Live the Pope!!

Publisher: Vallecchi Price: €13,00 In this book by Alessandro Gnocchi and Mario Palmaro, “Viva il Papa!” published by Vallecchi, the exclamatory cry of joyfulness is accompanied by a subtitle: “Why do they attack him? Why do they defend him?”, under which the origin of current anti papal vehemence is analyzed. In presenting the reasons for defending the now reigning Pontiff […]

Dialogue-prone Justice. Lights and Shadows of Restorative Justice.

Publisher: Franco Angeli Pages: 235 Price: €26,00 Benedetta Cortese At a time when the state of crisis affecting criminal justice is being underscored in many ways and places, Federico Reggio, a lawyer with a PhD in the Philosophy of Law, Method and Juridical Traditions, has brought together in a single text the outcome of his personal studies and research into […]

Beyond Consolation: or How We Become Too Clever for God. . .or Our Own Good.

Publisher: Lindau Pages: 312 (Continuum, 2010)           In our modern societies that have resolutely abolished the public dimension of sin, few indeed are the things that appear as “politically incorrect” as the confessions (with admission of fault) of adults very much in the public eye, and perhaps even intellectuals or politicians. John Waters, one of the leading Irish opinion-makers and front […]

War on Christians. Persecutions and Discrimination Suffered by Christians in the World.

Publisher: Lindau Pages: 132 Sudan, August 2009: seven Christians, including a few boys little more than adolescents, were crucified just outside their parish by members of some fundamentalist Islamic groups. The news, however, only began to circulate in Europe many weeks later thanks to a visit by a Sudanese bishop, who talked about what had happened and gave details about […]