What future for Europe? Christian roots and radical relativism, the Union’s peoples and policies

Scienza & Vita, Firenze, 26 March 2018   The XI Report of the Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân Our Report on Europe[1] voices a rather severe judgment regarding the process of unification and the current approach adopted by the European Union, and this unto the point of considering it a failure with respect to some of its features, as the title […]

Multicultural society and common good; whether Catholic immigrationism undermines

For some time we have been seeing evident adhesion on the part of both the ecclesial hierarchy and a large part of the Catholic world to the idea of fostering a rather broad and generalized reception of immigrants with practically no filters at all. It must be noted, however, that this new attitude is distinct with respect to what has […]

Introductory Abstract. EUROPE, THE END OF ILLUSIONS.

The project for both the economic and political unification of Europe has reached a final stage, at least as far as it has been conceived and implemented so far. Except for those driven by duty or political/institutional interest and still place their bets on “this European Union”, the sense of malaise and discontent as to how things are going is […]


Now approaching its first decade, this year’s Report of our Observatory is devoted to Europe. It may seem surprising to see a Report dedicated to all five continents focusing its attention on only one of them. This sort of misgiving was naturally present in the minds of the Report’s editors from the very outset, especially in light of the fact […]

Doing comes after being. Without formation, catholics scatter.

Most Rev. Mons. Giampaolo Crepaldi Speech in Milan — Teatro don Guanella 3 February 2018   I am pleased to be here with you on this special day. I’d even go so far as to say this very special day, with this opportunity I have to meet many of the persons taking part in the activities of the Academies of […]

The European Union: an institutional structure/system that insists on ignoring the history of the western world. The IX Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World has been published

By now, people at large should have become aware of the artificial and spurious character of the European Union, initially created to reincarnate the reality of Europe, but which seems like everything except Europe. Inflated may well be the use of the word ‘crisis’ evoked to depict the current malaise, but it comes across as the word best suited in […]


Issue 4/2017 of the “Bollettino di Dottrina sociale della Chiesa”, our Observatory’s quarterly publication, is now being distributed to our subscribers.   TABLE OF CONTENTS Bulletin of the Social Doctrine of the Church – 4/ 2017   Anno XIII (2017), numero 4, OTTOBRE-DICEMBRE Editorial, pag 133 S.E. Mons. Giampaolo Crepaldi, L’HUMANAE VITAE E LA MODERNA QUESTIONE SOCIALE NEL 50MO ANNIVERSARIO […]

Christmas Letter from the President, Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi

Dear friends of the Observatory, For the 13th time it is my pleasure to send you this Christmas Letter in which I invoke the main facts and events concerning the Observatory throughout the year past, and likewise send you my best wishes. We can truly say that we worked very much indeed during this year as well. The presentation of […]

The Lutheran Reformation: Gnosis against Logos.

Speech delivered on 21 October in Salerno at the Conference on “2017, Four centennials: the challenge of history, the Eternal One’s response”   I’ve been asking myself what may be the key element in the events being celebrated this year, 2017: the Lutheran Reformation, the birth of Free Masonry, the Communist revolution, and the apparitions in Fatima. Quite briefly, I […]