Freedom of religion: A secularized vision of religion in the CTI’s document.


The Internaational Theological Commission recently issued a document entitled La libertà religiosa per il bene di tutti. Approccio teologico alle sfide contemporanee (ndt: Freedom of Religion for the good of all. A theological approach to contemporary challenges). Our Observatory has already addressed this document in Stefano Fontana’s article entitled Libertà religiosa: il documento della CTI non chiude il problema ( […]

The passage from the theology of What to the theology of How: the fate awaiting the common good


A conference was held on 9 May 2019 at Udine in the Main Hall of Palazzo Belgrado for the presentation of the book: “Le chiavi della questione sociale. Bene comune e sussidiarietà: storia di un equivoco”. Edited by Stefano Fontana for Edizioni Fede & Cultura (Verona 2019), this book contains articles and essays written by the editor himself, Danilo Castellano, […]

The absence of God in the public sphere Benedict XVI’s Essay: an important clarification on the role of the Social Doctrine of the Church


This ‘essay’ written by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI offering a series of ‘notes’ on “the Church and the scandal of sexual abuse” provides substantial food for thought regarding the Social Doctrine of the Church as well. On behalf of our Observatory I would like to present some thoughts in this regard, thereby confirming the importance of what he has written. […]



I wish to extend my best wishes for a Happy Easter in the Risen Lord to all the friends of the Observatory and their families. May Christ, Light of the World, shed His light on our journey as builders of the community of men and women down through history in the hope of the Eternal City. Happy Easter to you […]



Collaboration for the common good in Europe among individuals, societies and institutions calls for a close examination of at least the two concepts of the common good and subsidiarity. In this brief presentation it is my intention to compare these two principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church with their actual implementation in both the architecture and the praxis […]

Archbishop Crepaldi’s lectures on Social Doctrine.

Lezioni 2

A byproduct of the felicitous experience of the Academy of the Social Doctrine of the Church promoted by the Observatory Van Thuân and the on-line newspaper Nuova Bussola Quotidiana is now available in the form of a volume published by Cantagalli and containing the written texts of the twelve lectures delivered by Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi in an equal number of […]

On the theology of the “how”

stefano montagna

The what has always had the pride of place over the how in the Social Doctrine of the Church. The contents of revealed truths have always been in the forefront with respect to how they are known and how they are expressed. How they are known and how they are expressed depend on what they are; the cognitive how and […]

Now available Issue 4/ 2018 of the “Bollettino di Dottrina sociale della Chiesa”

Bollettino DSC 4 2018_front cover

Issue 4/2018 of the “Bollettino di Dottrina sociale della Chiesa”, our Observatory’s quarterly publication, is now being distributed to our subscribers.   TABLE OF CONTENTS Bulletin of the Social Doctrine of the Church – 4 / 2018   Anno XIV (2018), numero 4, OTTOBRE – DICEMBRE Editorial, pag 115 S.E. Mons. Giampaolo Crepaldi, AVER FEDE NELLA CAPACITA’ DELLA FEDE Focus […]

Interview with Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi on Migrations.

La Verità

On Monday 14 January, the Italian daily newspaper, ‘La Verità’, published an article by Lorenzo Bertocchi on the X Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church by the Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân, entitled “Islam, a political issue’. In that article, this journalist also referred to previous Reports, and the one on Migration in particular. Presented below is the full […]