The Church’s freedom is under attack and she cheers on her enemies. Stefano Fontana


Regarding the suspension of public Masses for COVID-19 public health ordinances, a fundamental issue emerges: the Libertas Ecclesiae, that is, the Church’s religious freedom. The agreement signed in Italy by the state and the national Catholic Bishops’ Conference to regulate the liturgy perfectly illustrates the problem. And It is not the only case. This is what has already happened and […]

Benedict XVI: eight funadmental years for the SDC. For Stefano Fontana


The 19th of April marked the 24th anniversary of Benedict XVI’s election to the See of Peter. His was indeed a most bountiful and rich pontificate, also for the Social Doctrine of the Church, with one special feature: the importance of his contribution to the social doctrine is due not that much to teachings directly addressed to that subject,  but […]

COVID-19 is a call for the conversion of individuals and nations. By Stefano Fontana

Mascherine strisce

Are penance and conversion only for individual persons or do they also concern entire societies and nations? Natural or historical catastrophes, such as today’s pandemic, are an open invitation to examine our conscience, to repent and to make amends. We have to ask ourselves whether this only applies to individual people, believers or non-believers alike, but also to public authorities […]

It’s time to reconsider what the Magisterium has taught about globalization. By Stefano Fontana


It is now very probable that if one day a future pope, whoever he is, wants to write a new social encyclical, he will need to reconsider various aspects of the teaching that has been presented up until now, and above all the Magisterium’s evaluation of globalisation. The coronavirus epidemic has exposed many illusions about the phenomenon of globalisation, revealing […]

“Coronavirus has exposed the limitations of hegemonic materialism”. An interview with Prof. Danilo Castellano


At the end of February the eleventh International Congress of the Colombian Association of Catholic Lawyers and the sixth Hispanic Day of Natural Law was held at the headquarters of El Claustro in Bogotá. These two initiatives, sponsored by the Catholic University of Colombia, involved the participation of experts in various matters coming from Italy, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, France, Ecuador, and Colombia. They […]

An Urgent Plea. Considerations on the Pandemic and Its Consequences in the Light of God and His Providence


An Adequate Consideration. 1 I.1. Physical Evil and Human Vulnerability. 1 I.2. God and Evil, Physical and Moral 3 1.3. Miracles, Divine Intervention, and Punishment?. 5 An Urgent Plea for an Adequate Attitude and Conduct 8 II.1. Each Individual 9 II.2. In the Civil, Political, Temporal Order 9 II.3. In Ecclesial Society. 10 II.4. “God makes all things work together […]

Church Observer Warns: Don’t Flatten the Faith to Fit In at the UN. Interview to Stefano Fontana.


The Holy See’s ever-closer collaboration with the United Nations and its affiliated organizations is causing it to adopt the “logic of the world,” a development that threatens to secularize the faith. These are the views of professor Stefano Fontana, director of the Cardinal Van Thuan International Observatory on the Social Doctrine of the Church — a think tank created for […]