Do Pandemic ‘Stimulus’ Policies Align With Church Teachings? Interview to Stefano Fontana

Do Pandemic ‘Stimulus’ Policies Align With Church Teachings? Stefano Fontana, director of the Cardinal Van Thuan International Observatory on the Social Doctrine of the Church, warns against overreliance on such monetary policies. ROME ­— When the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world precipitating economic lockdowns, it caused central banks to take emergency measures to keep national economies afloat. The U.S. […]

COVID and the Family Crisis. Julio Loredo

Had the family kept its natural and traditional structure, instead of being shaken by modern trends, the COVID-19 pandemic would not have been so harmful, both in absolute terms and in infection and mortality rates. That is the conclusion of a scientific study titled “Coronavirus y Demografía en España,’ published by CEU, the Demographic Observatory of the San Pablo University […]

DECLARATION. Stating the truth must not become unlawful. The Zen bill “against homophobia” is unacceptable

Stating the truth must not become unlawful The Zen bill “against homophobia” is unacceptable Declaration  of the National Justitia et Pax Steering Committee for the Social Doctrine of the Church https://www.vanthuanobservatory.org/ita/coordinamento-nazionale-iustitia-et-pax/   The aim of the Zen bill is to punish those who manifest forms of intolerance towards homosexuals, transsexuals or bisexuals. It unearths and develops the Scalfarotto bill that […]

New York City, June 8th, 2020: New Normal, Old Normal, and the Living Dead. Dr. John C. Rao.

Our gubernatorial Führer has announced that Monday, June 8th is the day that New York City begins its reopening. It will do so under the mandates of the “New Normal”.  The city authorities have prepared for the reopening by stocking up on 2,000,000 free masks that volunteer drudges regularly making their rounds through the streets offer to the indigenous slaves. […]

After the coronavirus: the road of true freedom. S.E. Mons. Giampaolo Crepaldi.

After the coronavirus: the road of true freedom Notes +Giampaolo Crepaldi   Uproot statism and streamline bureaucracy, promote subsidiarity, free schools, fiscal freedom and the freedom to be born once conceived, national loan, combat the new humanism of the supra-national globalism that conducted an experiment of limited freedom and political authoritarianism during COVID-19: the future awaiting us will have to […]


Why is it that the Church, once intent on reaching out to peoples and nations, is now pushing in the direction of the new globalist humanism? Why does politics continue to believe that the State-nation has been overrun by unstoppable globalization, and thereby condemns itself? Conversely, what are the reasons behind the success of regimes like that of Orban guided […]

Consecration of the Observatory to Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Management Board, upon the proposal of the President, Dr. Giordano Faccincani, has unanimously decided to entrust the Observatory Van Thuân to the maternal protection of Mary Most Holy, consecrating the Observatory and “its family” to her Immaculate Heart. During this time of exceptional ordeals and trials, individuals as well as human societies, communities and public institutions must combine unflagging […]

The Church’s freedom is under attack and she cheers on her enemies. Stefano Fontana

Regarding the suspension of public Masses for COVID-19 public health ordinances, a fundamental issue emerges: the Libertas Ecclesiae, that is, the Church’s religious freedom. The agreement signed in Italy by the state and the national Catholic Bishops’ Conference to regulate the liturgy perfectly illustrates the problem. And It is not the only case. This is what has already happened and […]

Benedict XVI: eight funadmental years for the SDC. For Stefano Fontana

The 19th of April marked the 24th anniversary of Benedict XVI’s election to the See of Peter. His was indeed a most bountiful and rich pontificate, also for the Social Doctrine of the Church, with one special feature: the importance of his contribution to the social doctrine is due not that much to teachings directly addressed to that subject,  but […]

COVID-19 is a call for the conversion of individuals and nations. By Stefano Fontana

Are penance and conversion only for individual persons or do they also concern entire societies and nations? Natural or historical catastrophes, such as today’s pandemic, are an open invitation to examine our conscience, to repent and to make amends. We have to ask ourselves whether this only applies to individual people, believers or non-believers alike, but also to public authorities […]