God’Truth and Man’s Truth. Benedict XVI and the great Questions of our Time.


Serie: Journals of the Observatory/04
Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli
Pages: 70
Price: €7.5

“I hope that those who will read me will be encouraged to personally approach the thought of Benedict XVI and that it will help them navigate the apparent labyrinth of our times”: it is Cardinal Ruini’s call to reflect, together with the Holy Father and the Cardinal himself, on two decisive themes such as the truth of Christianity and the question of man. 


In reality, this small book is a guide that allows us to understand the fundamental architecture of the theology of Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, its roots that run deep in the Bible and in the great Christian tradition but also in the history of European culture, its critical and liberating force with respect to today’s forms of secularized rationality that is prisoner of itself and that seems to prevail today. Then, also its ability to open new spaces and to point the ways of the future, based on a profound love for man, fully emerges.

Cardinal Ruini then addresses the question of man, not in abstract terms but the one we are facing today where biotechnologies tend to take over our body and even our intelligence and freedom. He shows that false neutrality has no place with respect to man – as with respect to God – and that the principle, which was shaped by Christian-based civilization, that anyone who has a human face possesses as such the dignity and the destiny to be human, is and remains the guiding principle. 


Table of Contents

Preface by HE Msgr. Giampaolo Crepaldi

A Few Introductory Words

I: At the Heart of the Teaching of Benedict XVI: Propose the Salvific Truth of Jesus Christ to the Reason of Our Times

-A Few Premises

-The Original Nature of Christianity: Being, Logos, Agape

-The Drifting of Reason and Freedom Away from Christianity

II: The Anthropological Question and the Social Question Today

-Two Premises

-Genesis and Dynamics of the New Anthropological Question

-For a Positive and Critical Approach to the New Anthropological Question

-The Planetary Expansion of the New Anthropological Question and its Intersection with the Social Question.