Archbishop Crepaldi leaves the Presidency, but not the Observatory.

Dear friends of the Observatory,

I founded the Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân fifteen years ago and have now decided to step down from the Presidency and leave it in the hands of others. During this long period of time the Observatory has contributed in a very effective manner to the spreading of the Social Doctrine of the Church, ever in communion with the Pastors of the Church and at the service of the evangelization of the social realm.  The Observatory has done so with scientific seriousness and courageous apostolic spirit. Its considerable output available in the books edited by the Observatory, the many issues of the “Bulletin of the Social Doctrine of the Church”, and its webpage bear witness to this longstanding effort. The initial intention when it saw the light of day was to create a locus focusing constant attention on the Social Doctrine of the Church, and I must say that this is what has been done. In particular, the annual Reports on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the world have proven to be the hallmark of serious studies regarding gradually emerging social issues.

I believe the time has come to leave the direct management of the Observatory in the hands of other persons whom I know and trust. As far as I am concerned, I will continue to remain close to the activities of the Observatory with due affection, and offer my collaboration regarding the contents of the Social Doctrine of the Church, particularly in the area of the Annual Report.

It is my sincere wish that the members of the new Executive Council, the new President and the Director may continue to do such good work at the service of the Church.

+ Giampaolo Crepaldi

Archbishop – Bishop of Trieste



In posting this Message we are reassured that Archbishop Crepaldi’s decision constitutes not a departure from the Observatory, but a different form of presence. The original project of the Observatory continues and, even if the Archbishop will no longer be directly involved with management issues (logistics, organization, economic concerns), he will nonetheless be present with his input and collaboration. His book entitled Lectures on the Social Doctrine of the Church (Cantagalli 2019) was presented to the general public in Trieste on Saturday 12 October, and in the pipeline is yet another book scheduled for publication in 2020. The upcoming XI Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the world will bear his signature, as will the later ones. These are two examples of ongoing collaboration. Relieved of statutory duties, Archbishop Crepaldi’s contribution will be all the more efficacious.


President Giordano Faccincani and the Executive Council