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The Ancient Mass is good for social doctrine. By Stefano Fontana

Summorum Pontificum had instilled hope in many of those active in the realm of the Social Doctrine of the Church (SDC) and who continued to attend the Mass of Paul VI. The SDC, in fact, is not alien to the liturgy. In the ancient Mass, the centrality of God, including His social kingship, is more evident than in the Novus […]

Killed to donate their organs: euthanasia upsurges. By Tommaso Scandroglio.

What we could call Good Samaritan euthanasia has been practiced for years, especially in Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada: patients ask to be treated for euthanasia and then communicate they will donate their organs. In some countries, euthanasia is moving so fast there is no longer any discussion of whether or not the ‘gentle death’ is ethically acceptable; there is […]

Praise of the System. Note to the Book “La filosofia Cristiana”. By Stefano Fontana

Outdated Praise of the System Note to the Reader Stefano Fontana, “La filosofia cristiana”, Fede & Cultura”, Verona 2021, pp. 301, euro 24,00 To purchase the book, send an e-male here: abbonamenti_acquisti@vanthuanobservatory.org   This book presents the system of philosophical knowledge. Nowadays, the word ‘system’ is denigrated, instills fear and has been banned. The system is compared to a rigid […]

Movements short leashed, freedom in the Church at all-time low. By Stefano Fontana

With the new papal decree imposing their democratisation, ecclesial movements are now reduced to associations and their charisms demeaned. This is a further stage in the process of constriction and standardisation that has already affected cloistered convents and even parishes. The large movements are now being regularised. Meanwhile, those movements that are nonconforming are under pressure and those that resist are […]

Why there will never be an update for the Compendium. By Stefano Fontana

In 2004, due to Pope John Paul II’s will, the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace released the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, then translated into many languages all over the world. Ten years later, Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi who as secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace signed the Compendium together with Cardinal Martino, answered […]

Germany set for a soft schism. While the Pope watches. By Stefano Fontana

The 10th of May has arrived, tension has already mounted around the dreaded German schism, and appeals to Rome to intervene and curb the schismatic drift have multiplied. But the notion of schism today is not really clear because of the role of the Pope, the doctrinal competence of the Bishops’ Conferences and the widespread crypto-schismatic situation. The feeling is […]


The German Synodal Path, initiated in 2019, has been, during the past two years, fertile ground for the planning and subsequent homogenization of ideas and theories that are blatantly contrary to the immutable and perennial Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church, founded by the Divine Savior on the solid rock of the Apostles (Mt 16:18). The errors being spread include […]