Why is it that the Church, once intent on reaching out to peoples and nations, is now pushing in the direction of the new globalist humanism? Why does politics continue to believe that the State-nation has been overrun by unstoppable globalization, and thereby condemns itself? Conversely, what are the reasons behind the success of regimes like that of Orban guided […]

UNDP: Scaling Fences. Voices of Irregular African Migrants to Europe.

The Scaling Fences: Voices of Irregular African Migrants to Europe report presents the results of an extensive study exploring the perspectives and experiences of 1970 individuals who migrated through irregular routes from Africa to Europe, originating from 39 African countries. Its aim is to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between migration and development. The Scaling Fences report […]

The XI Report of the Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân dedicated to “Peoples, Nations, Homelands”.

XI Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World   PEOPLES, NATIONS, HOMELANDS: BETWEEN NATURE AND POLITICAL ARTEFICE         Edited by Giampaolo Crepaldi e Stefano Fontana   Introductory synthesis Stefano Fontana [1]   This XI Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the world tackles the emerging theme of the so-called “reawakening […]

John Waters: The silence of surrender.

The global lockdown crisis, at least in as far as its logic and freedom-larceny has penetrated the West — Europe. America etc. — might be described as a possibly final and lethal attack on the Four Estates of modern society, which is to say of the human community that has endured through two millennia as a result of the proposals of Jesus Christ […]

Consecration of the Observatory to Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Management Board, upon the proposal of the President, Dr. Giordano Faccincani, has unanimously decided to entrust the Observatory Van Thuân to the maternal protection of Mary Most Holy, consecrating the Observatory and “its family” to her Immaculate Heart. During this time of exceptional ordeals and trials, individuals as well as human societies, communities and public institutions must combine unflagging […]

The Most Monumental Social Engineering and Ideological Transshipment Effort in History. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute The Most Monumental Social Engineering and Ideological Transshipment Effort in History Is Bolstered by Mass Hysteria and Vatican Support   READ HERE Download this article as a pdf If the Guinness Book of Records were to track the most senseless attitude possible, the award would probably go to someone who committed suicide for fear of […]

The Church’s freedom is under attack and she cheers on her enemies. Stefano Fontana

Regarding the suspension of public Masses for COVID-19 public health ordinances, a fundamental issue emerges: the Libertas Ecclesiae, that is, the Church’s religious freedom. The agreement signed in Italy by the state and the national Catholic Bishops’ Conference to regulate the liturgy perfectly illustrates the problem. And It is not the only case. This is what has already happened and […]

Bishops urge DOJ to confront the porn industry, protect porn’s victims.

With pornographic website traffic spiking while countries remain on lockdown, the bishops of the United States are urging the Justice Department to protect victims of human trafficking and exploitation by enforcing obscenity laws and prosecuting producers of violent pornography. “We write to you today to urge you to confront the ongoing harms wrought by the pornography industry and to protect […]