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“The history of the secularization of modern culture still has to be written”. This affirmation by Christopher Dawson can be read on page 53, and it both voices a truth and explains the origin and aim of the book from which it is taken: “The Gods of Revolution”, published in the Italian translation by D’Ettoris, edited by Paolo Mazzeranghi and […]

Political theology according to Massimo Borghesi. Select critical clarifications.

Publisher: Marietti Massimo Borghesi has presented his understanding of the complex issue of political theology in his book Critica della teologia politica. Da Agostino a Peterson: la fine dell’era costantiniana, Marietti 1820, Genova 2013 [Critique of political theology. From Augustine to Peterson: the end of the Constantinian age]. He had already anticipated some of what he argues in this book, […]

The soft liberalism of Charles Taylor and its limits

Publisher: Laterza Pages: 136 Price: €14,00 Charles Taylor’s latest book available in Italian is entitled “La scommessa del laico”, co-authored with Jocelyn Maclure and published by Laterza (2013). In this book he distinguishes between laicity and secularisation. The State must pursue laicity without promoting secularisation (pg. 13). Unable to do so, in his mind, is the “republican” model followed in […]

Reality and Good according to Josef Pieper

Publisher: Morcelliana Pages: 128 Price: €12,00 This book by the great German Thomist philosopher  Joseph Pieper (“La realtà e il bene”, Morcelliana, Brescia 2011, first edition 1949) is a true gem, and its contents are felicitously summarized in the first three lines: each duty is based on being; reality is the foundation of ethics; good is what conforms to reality. […]

The Triumph of Christianity. How the religion of Jesus changed the history of man and became the most widespread in the world

Publisher: Lindau Pages: 543 Price: €27,20 Despite the diffusion of Christopher Dawson’s fundamental studies, the historical relationship between Christianity and progress continues to be controversial. Many people quite simply consider the two things incompatible; moreover, the concrete history of humanity reportedly illustrates how the faith has always hampered sound progress. This latest volume by the American sociologist Rodney Stark now […]

Political Philosophy of the Catholic Church

Publisher: Cantagalli Pages: 288 Price: €19,90 The relationship of politics with Christian revelation as conserved and taught by the Catholic Church is well explained in this book by James V. Schall, professor at Georgetown University, with Anglo-Saxon expressiveness and continental-type theoretical density. The author’s interest lies in explaining how politics needs Christian Revelation in order to be itself without thereby […]

The Church Amidst Storms. The first millennium of the history of the Church in conversations on Radio Maria.

Publisher: Sugarco Pages: 176 Price: €16,00 In the Gospels Jesus often depicts the Church as a boat threatened by bad weather and stormy seas. After Vatican Council II many Catholics felt the Church was no longer in such a situation and that relations with the world had become peaceful. In fact, however, the Church has never ceased to be offended […]

Secularisation, progress, Christianity. Commentary on a recent book edited by L. Fazzini.

Publisher: Edizioni Messaggero di Padova Pages: 80 Price: €7,50 Lorenzo Fazzini is an intelligent and competent journalist who deals with more than cultural trends alone. He has already published a few book-interviews in the area of the borderline between religion and atheism and is the main driver of the series “The Courtyard of the Gentiles” published by the Edizioni Messaggero […]

The Persecution of Catholics in China

Publisher: Sugarco Pages: 144 Price: €12,50 One of this year’s most eagerly awaited books about freedom of religion, The Persecution of Catholics in China (La persecuzione dei cattolici in Cina, Sugarco Edizioni, Milan, pgs. 144, Euro 12,50), was presented to the general public at Palazzo Valentini in Rome at an event organized by the “Laogai Research Foundation. In addition to […]

The Reasons of the Economy. Articles for the Osservatore Romano.

Publisher: Libreria Editrice Vaticana Price: €14 Ettore Gotti Tedeschi – for many years a banker, business consultant and university professor – has been president of the IOR (Istituto Opere di Religione) ever since his appointment in 2009, but he has also been an active columnist on economic topics and issues for the Osservatore Romano. The  Libreria Editrice Vaticana has now […]