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Third Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World.

Publisher: Cantagalli Third Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World Edizioni Cantagalli, Siena 2011     The Institutional promoters of the Report The 2011 Report was drafted by the International Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân on the Social Doctrine of the Church in collaboration with the Centro de Pensamiento Social Católico of the University San  Pablo of […]

Towards metaprofit: gratuitousness and profit in business management.

Serie: Journal of the Observatory/12 Publisher: Cantagalli Pages: 180 Price: €12,00 Dialogue between economy and the Social Doctrine of the Church becomes increasingly intense in times of crisis: the challenges of contemporary economy, which seems unable to absorb its own failures, increase in numbers in the quest for new solutions. This book seeks to offer a new outlook on the […]

The Age of the Plain-speaking Pope.

Publisher: Cantagalli Pages: 256 Price: €16,00 ROME, Monday, 21 March 2011 (ZENIT.org). “I’m sure there is still a place for God somewhere in the world!”. These are words we read in the book “The Age of the Plain-speaking Pope” written by Stefano Fontana and published by Cantagalli in collaboration and with the contribution of the “Magna Carta” Foundation. Stefano Fontana […]


Serie: Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World 2010 Publisher: Cantagalli Pages: 256 Price: €15,00 edited by GIAMPAOLO CREPALDI and STEFANO FONTANA   PREFACE Most. Rev. Rino Fisichella President-appointee of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization of the West   This Second Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World is being […]

Word and political community. essay on vocation and expectation.

Serie: Journal of the Observatory/11 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 165 Price: €11.5 In his Introduction the author says: “The most worrisome phenomenon at present is the mounting difficulty to read a word about ourselves, a summons as it were, in things and in our life”. In things and persons, in our past or our religion, in our identity or in […]

Caritas in veritate . Introduction of Giampaolo Crepaldi.

Serie: Journal of the Observatory/10 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 184 Price: €8.5 /p>             Con la Lettera Enciclica “CARITAS IN VERITATE“, introdotta da Mons. Giampaolo Crepaldi, ci troviamo di fronte ad un punto di elevatissima sintesi del pensiero del Santo Padre. I termini Carità e Verità rappresentano la realtà inscindibile che fonda l’essere umano nel […]

Dio o gli dèi. Dottrina sociale della Chiesa: percorsi

Serie: Journal of the Observatory/08 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 192 Price: €14.5 This book by Rt. Rev. Giampaolo Crepaldi is an important book in terms of contents and especially method.  I am by no means reluctant to say it inaugurates a new pathway. I have always thought that the suspicion people used to harbor towards the Church’s social doctrine was […]

The Prophecy of Paul VI. The encyclical letter Humanae vitae (1968).

Serie: Journal of the Observatory/07 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 96 Price: €9.5 Forty years have passed since its promulgation and the Encyclical Letter Humanae Vitae continues to trigger deep felt reactions. At the end of a series of endless consultations and insistent pressure, Paul VI took a stand. This was back in 1968. Many were those who expected the Holy […]

Environmental ecology and human ecology.

Serie: Journal of the Observatory/06 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 110 Price: €6.5 Perhaps the main shortcoming of many pro-environment attitudes, albeit subjectively generous but weak in cultural terms, is the desire to save nature by concentrating on nature itself. In his considerations Rt. Rev. Giampaolo Crepaldi demonstrates that in order to obtain results it is necessary to concentrate not on […]