Observatory Collection

Populorum Progressio between Memories and Hopes

Serie: Journals of the Observatory/05 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 110 Price: €8.5 A new title in the Series of our Observatory by Editore Cantagalli of Siena (Italy): Cardinal Poupard wrote an intense book, full of memories and personal recollections, on Paul VI’s Populorum Progressio on the 40th anniversary of its publication. The Author is the current sident of the Pontifical […]

God’Truth and Man’s Truth. Benedict XVI and the great Questions of our Time.

Serie: Journals of the Observatory/04 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 70 Price: €7.5 “I hope that those who will read me will be encouraged to personally approach the thought of Benedict XVI and that it will help them navigate the apparent labyrinth of our times”: it is Cardinal Ruini’s call to reflect, together with the Holy Father and the Cardinal himself, […]

Globalization. A Christian Perspective.

Serie: Journals of the Observatory / 02 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 108 Price: €8.5 A book published this summer offers a summary of the Church’s view on globalization. In just over 100 pages Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, brings together some of the main points made by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI […]

The Interdisciplinary Dimension of the Social Doctrine of the Church

Serie: Jpournal of the Observatory/01 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Pages: 138 Price: €9 The Edition Publisher Cantagalli of Siena has published a new book on the Social Doctrine of the Church that is both innovative in its choice of topic and courageous in attempting to explore new paths. The authors are Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice […]

First report on the social doctrine fo the church.

Serie: Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the World 2009 Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli Price: €13 OUR OBSERVATORY AND THE FIRST WORLD REPORT    ON THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH          A great editorial event. Now available in Italian bookstores is the FIRST REPORT ON THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH IN THE WORLD edited […]