Statements by Stefano Fontana

Abu Dhabi, one year later: The ambiguity about religions remains.

One year ago, on February 4, 2019, the now famous so-called “Abu Dhabi Declaration on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” was signed. The document bears the signatures of His Holiness Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, which were placed on it at the conclusion of the inter-religious meeting at the Founder’s Memorial of […]

THE PRESENCE OF PERSONALISM IN THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH. Introduction to the proceedings of the IV Montefiascone Conference

To purchase the Acts of the first two Montefiascone Conferences, click here To purchase the Acts of the III Montefiascone Conference, click here The Montefiascone Conferences are dedicated to delving into the relationship between the metaphysical realism of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Social Doctrine of the Church[1]. This relationship was considered to be a very close one when the […]

The new social ministry as an intermediation agency

This blog has already commented on the current recasting of the social ministry of the Church in Italy (pastorale sociale della Chiesa italiana). This second commentary on the same issue is driven by Fr. Francesco Occhetta’s article in the latest issue of  La Civiltà Cattolica  (“Pastorale sociale della Chiesa e conflitti”). The new pathway of the social ministry depicted in this […]

The passage from the theology of What to the theology of How: the fate awaiting the common good

A conference was held on 9 May 2019 at Udine in the Main Hall of Palazzo Belgrado for the presentation of the book: “Le chiavi della questione sociale. Bene comune e sussidiarietà: storia di un equivoco”. Edited by Stefano Fontana for Edizioni Fede & Cultura (Verona 2019), this book contains articles and essays written by the editor himself, Danilo Castellano, […]

The absence of God in the public sphere Benedict XVI’s Essay: an important clarification on the role of the Social Doctrine of the Church

This ‘essay’ written by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI offering a series of ‘notes’ on “the Church and the scandal of sexual abuse” provides substantial food for thought regarding the Social Doctrine of the Church as well. On behalf of our Observatory I would like to present some thoughts in this regard, thereby confirming the importance of what he has written. […]

The Social Doctrine of the Church according to “Aggiornamenti sociali” and according to us

An article on the social apostolate and the Social Doctrine of the Church entitled “The Social Apostolate of the Church in Italy: signs of an itinerary” (pgs. 70-74) was published in the January 2019 issue of the Jesuit review “Aggiornamenti sociali”. The author was Marco Cagol, a member of the group of experts in the national office for social issues […]


Collaboration for the common good in Europe among individuals, societies and institutions calls for a close examination of at least the two concepts of the common good and subsidiarity. In this brief presentation it is my intention to compare these two principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church with their actual implementation in both the architecture and the praxis […]

Political Power and Spiritual Power

Authority comes from God The relationship between political power and spiritual power derives directly from the origin of political authority in its own right. The Church has always taught that authority (politics) comes from God. St. Paul is quite clear about this: “No authority exists without God’s permission” (Rom.13: 1-4). Jesus Himself said this to Pilate: “You would have no […]

The liberating realism of Christian philosophy. Intervew with Stefano Fontana

Now available in bookstores is Stefano Fontana’s new book on medieval philosophy [“La sapienza dei medievali. La filosofia cristiana da San Paolo a Guglielmo di Occam”, Fede & Cultura, Verona 2018 – click here ] and this offers us an excellent opportunity to speak with the author about philosophy, and Christian philosophy in particular. Mr. Fontana, for such a long […]