Environmental ecology and human ecology.

Serie: Journal of the Observatory/06
Publisher: Edizioni Cantagalli
Pages: 110
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Perhaps the main shortcoming of many pro-environment attitudes, albeit subjectively generous but weak in cultural terms, is the desire to save nature by concentrating on nature itself. In his considerations Rt. Rev. Giampaolo Crepaldi demonstrates that in order to obtain results it is necessary to concentrate not on nature in a material sense, but on man, his vocation and God, who willed to associate man to His work of creation. This may sound paradoxical, but in order to develop a culture of the natural environment it is necessary to step back from it and home in on what is really essential: the authentic good of the human person and the true common good.  Paolo Togni is a jurist and administrator by nature. Adopting a far from conformist approach to environmental issues, in his considerations he first deals with the actual position of environmental matters in an institutional context, reaching the conclusion of wanting to see this sphere of interest reach the level of becoming a primary ‘concern’ for governments. Having dealt with the theoretical aspects, he then sets forth a robust and concrete outline for environmental programming and defines the index of an environmental ‘Summa’ still to be written. The linkage with Rt. Rev. Crepaldi is guaranteed by Paolo Togni’s rather deeply rooted adhesion to the principles of the social doctrine of the Church.



His Excellency Rt. Rev. Giampaolo Crepaldi, Ordinary of Bisarcio, is Secretary of the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace and President of the Cardinal Van Thuân Observatory on the Social Doctrine of the Church.


Paolo Togni, Professor of Public Law ever keen on the environment, has served as president of the Kronos Association, director of the legislative office and first private secretary of the Minster of the Environment. He is the director of VIVA, a non conformist environmental association.