THE DIVINE CHOICE OF THE NATIVITY. Our Observatory’s best wishes

Dearest friends. . .

Holy Christmas, by now so soon to come, brings us face to face with the mystery of the Incarnation of the Eternal Word in the womb of the Most Holy Virgin.

The Son of the Father assumes a human nature in the unity of His Divine Person and becomes the child of Mary.

That Child we adore in the stable of Bethlehem is the Eternal Word in Whom everything has been created.  Thus does Divine Wisdom have a human body and a human soul.

So great and overwhelming that it leaves us speechless, this truth is the dogmatic heart of Christmas, as well as the solid rock upholding the Social Doctrine of the Church. Founded in Jesus, true man and true God, is natural law, whose ultimate reason is the Logos Creator, and revealed in Him is God’s mercy for man and the personal presence of God in the world.

In becoming incarnate, God has declared His total care and attention for man in body and soul, and thereby, in the eyes of each Christian, no ambit of life may be removed from Christ.

The Divine Choice to be born in a family created by the marriage of Joseph and Mary bestows the seal of divine immutability on the natural reality of family and marriage. The Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity is born to a people (that of Israel), to a tribe (that of Judah), in a house (the royal one of David), belonging to the tradition of a homeland, and with a genealogy. The Son of God is neither stateless nor without roots, and does not have a ’liquid’ identity. As the man He is, He has an ethnic, religious and family identity!

Therefore, abiding in the mystery of Christmas are family, homeland, natural law, the unity of the human person and the social life of man called to integral conformity with the law of God.

In this most difficult 2020, may the light of the Child being born shine on all of us and bestow upon us the strength to bear public witness to that Eternal Truth which each person, each family, each social entity, and each State should acknowledge as its own Law and King. May the Lord grant us the grace to be “men of good will” to whom peace is promised: “Glória in excélsis Deo et in terra pax homínibus bonæ voluntátis”.

Best wishes for a serene Christmas and a happy New Year to one and all.

Rev. Samuele Cecotti

Vice-president of the Observatory