Dear friends,

For the second year in a row we are experiencing the Holy Week in the context of a “state of exception” that, in Italy and in the world, and in the West especially, has been consolidating and “normalizing” far beyond what are considered to be the first pressing phases of an emergency.

The Observatory has dedicated a broad debate to the “Covid crisis” on its website, starting with the clear intervention of Archbishop Crepaldi and the last issue of the “Bulletin of the Social Doctrine of the Church”, currently in distribution.

We have not neglected the health matter and the bioethical, moral and political problems related to it. However, from the beginning we have clearly indicated, beyond the health issue, which the true horizon of this crisis was: it is a crisis of democracy and liberalism/progressivism; it is a crisis of the rule of law and contemporary constitutionalism; It is a crisis of the European Union (and the United States of America); it is an economic and social crisis; It is a crisis of globalization as it has been taking place since the 1990s until today; it is a cultural and civilization crisis; it is an anthropological crisis of modern man, who is incapable of finding reasons superior to mere biological life; it is a crisis of the Church in Europe and in America where, too many times, it has been and is giving the impression that the Kerigma of Salvation has been replaced with the rhetorical story about the Covid and the vaccine. It is a crisis that exposes modernity (in the current postmodernity, the result of that), revealing its true face!

For more than a year “our” world has been ravaged on its very cultural, political and religious pillars.

But now it’s Easter! The light of the Risen One rips the darkness that surrounds us and brings back to our eyes the ability to glimpse the horizon of meaning in our earthly pilgrimage.

Passover, in the old economy of Salvation, was liberation from Pharaoh’s slavery; the passage of Israel, through purification, from the desert of Egypt to the Promised Land. But that earthly Easter, that historical liberation is a mere representation of true liberation, of the true and eternal Easter: the Resurrection of Christ.

The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the centre of history, it is what gives meaning and light to the entire cosmos and to all the passing of time. Only in the paschal mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ can we find the Way to the true liberation.

Deliverance from the tyranny of Satan, deliverance from sin, deliverance from the power of death. The only true Liberator is the Crucified and Risen Christ.

Sin and Grace, error and Truth, amor sui y amor Dei do not remain confined in the individuality of the soul, but generate social, historical, political and cultural effects, they generate two different and opposite Cities.

The structures of sin are precisely this historical-social consolidation of the sin, the error, amor sui to the point of contempt for God. If in this last year we have woken up and have become aware that we are “enveloped” by a gigantic structure of sin that has not been born in these last twelve months, but has become evident with the therapeutic regime that has been imposed on us, because the neo-totalitarian nature of the regimes we live in is evident, the only answer is to go to Christ! Christ is the only answer.

Christ has already defeated the adversary, sin and death. It is in the paschal mystery where the Lord has triumphed. But if Christ has already overcome sin, then he has already defeated all the structures of sin; He has already defeated the dictatorship of relativism diagnosed by Pope Ratzinger, the open or twisted totalitarianism generated by worthless democracies, as denounced by Saint John Paul II, and the myriad of ideological follies that, today, seem triumphant. The neo-totalitarianism that is encircling us has already been defeated by the Crucified and Risen Christ.

It is a question, then, of not being afraid, in the first place, of death, because Christ has already conquered it, of not being chained by fear. To act as disciples of the Risen One, with the freedom of the children of God, for the sake of the establishment of the social Kingdom of Christ, each one in the concrete reality of his personal existence, starting from their own families and communities.

There is not a single area of ​​individual and social human life that does not need to be illuminated by Christ. Here, therefore, is the concrete commitment to turn the Social Doctrine of the Church into action in education (for example, with Catholic parental schools), in the economy, in culture, in politics, etc.

This is the wish of the Observatory for this Easter 2021: that the light of the Risen One should illuminate our lives and give us the strength to act in this world of darkness working tirelessly in the social Kingdom of Christ, humble servants of that Truth that is the only one that sets us free.

To all of you and your families, our best wishes for a HAPPY AND BLESSED EASTER!

On behalf of the Observatory

Don Samuele Cecotti – Vice President