Children’s Health & Safety

  • Preventing Children's Illnesses
  • Emergencies
  • Indoor Safety
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Car Seats
  • Dental Health
  • Children with Health Care Concerns in Child Care Programs
  • Other Topics




 Consumer Product Safety Commission:
 Recalls  Report an unsafe product  Publications on Children's Safety



Preventing Children's Illnesses

Diaper Changes Lesia Oesterreich

Ear Infection: A Problem for Kids and Caregivers Rose-Marie Smith

Immunization – Safeguarding our Children Gail Carlson

Immunization Update, Part 1: What and When Kim Goodfellow

Immunization Update, Part 2: Why and How Lisa W. Genecov

Immunizations Can Save Your Children / Las vacunas pueden salvar a sus hijos – 122K PDF

Making Immunizations Easier: A guide for reducing your child's fear Cameron Ruttman, Jon Rolf, Elaine Johannes

The Tuberculosis/Child Care Connection Cynthia H. Ray

Washing Hands and Toys Reduces Kids' Illnesses Polly Spedding

[Note: Immunization information brochures are available, in print and online, in many languages, including Spanish, Hmong, Cambodian, and many others from the Immunization Action Coalition.]

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Handling Emergencies Mary McPhail Gray



Indoor Safety

Art Materials: Use With Caution Christine M. Todd

Child Care Safety Checklist for Parents and Child Care Providers (also in Spanish)Consumer Product Safety Commission

Child Drowning Prevention Publications from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Children and Lead Poisoning Dawn Hentges

Home Safety Checklist for Family Child Care Lesia Oesterreich

Home Safety–A Checklist for Parents 112K PDF

Healthy Air at Home–A Checklist for Parents 238K PDF

Indoor Air Quality Mary H. Yearns

Is Your Baby Safe at Home? Series
Part 1-Poison Lesia Oesterreich
Part 1-Poison 210K PDF
Part 2-Burns Lesia Oesterreich
Part 2-Burns 154K PDF
Part 3-Falls Lesia Oesterreich
Part 3-Falls 154K PDF
Part 4-Hazards Lesia Oesterreich
Part 4-Hazards 154K PDF

Law Requires Review and Labeling of Art Materials Including Children's Art and Drawing Products Consumer Products Safety Commission

Lead Exposure in the Home Marilyn Lopes

Look-A-Likes: Hazardous Products that Appear Harmless to Children Ann Martin

Make Day Care A Safe Care Center: Poison Prevention Ann Martin

Poison Proof Your Family Day Care Home Polly Spedding

Quiz – Only You Can Prevent Childhood Accidents! Marilyn Lopes

Safety with Children's Toys Lesia Oesterreich, Treva Blumenshine

Take Precautions to Keep Children Safe Marilyn Lopes

Toy Safety Charles A. Smith

Toy Safety publications from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

What You Should Know About LEAD POISONING Mary-Margaret Gaudio, Mary Ellen Welch, Elizabeth Salsedo, Kay Renius

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Outdoor Safety

Hot Weather Tips Joseph W. Pankau

Insects Are Both Friends and Foes Gail Carlson

Look to the Left, Look to the Right Marilyn Lopes

Make Playgrounds Safe Polly Spedding

Promoting Bicycle Safety Christine M. Todd

Protecting Kids from Play Hazards Ronald L. Pitzer

Take Precautions to Keep Children Safe Marilyn Lopes

Tips for Home Playground Safety Sharon Mays (PDF 132K)

Tips for Public Playground Safety Sharon Mays

Wet and Wild Summer Fun Marilyn Lopes

What's New About Bicycle Helmets Consumer Product Safety Commission

Iowa State University Extension Service playground safety hazard fact sheets:

  • Climbing Gyms (PDF 54K)
  • Strings Can Strangle (PDF 91K)
  • Cargo Nets (PDF 103K)
  • Hot Metal Burns (PDF 104K)
  • Plastic “Animal” Swings (PDF 70K)
  • 10 Steps to a Safer Playground (PDF 69K)
  • Playground Safety: Small Device (PDF 101K)
  • Playground Safety: Large Device (PDF 89K)

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Car Seats

Car Seats Are A Must For Children Marilyn Lopes

Kids in Cars, Safely Don Bower

Child Passenger Safety – a wealth of information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on safely transporting infants and children.



Dental Health

Children's Dental Health Nancy F. Morse

Taking care of Teeth Lesia Oesterreich

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Children with Health Care Concerns in
Child Care Programs

Coping with Illness Lesia Oesterreich

Diarrhea and Child Care – research summary from the National Center for Early Development & Learning

Excluding Sick Children Joseph W. Pankau

HIV/AIDS – What You Should Know Lesia Oesterreich

Respiratory Infections [in child care settings] – research summary from the National Center for Early Development & Learning

The Tuberculosis/Child Care Connection Cynthia H. Ray

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Other Topics

All Children Need Health Coverage Women's Network for Change

The Children: Are They Suffering From Stress? Cathy Malley

Consumer Product Safety Commission publications about Children's Furniture

Disaster Procedures Lesia Oesterreich

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton Joins CPSC to Release Child Care Safety Checklist Consumer Product Safety Commission

Good Times with Health and Safety Colorado State University Cooperative Extension

Holiday Safety Check Lesia Oesterreich, Treva Blumenshine

Low Cost or Free Health Insurance for Kids The White House (July '98)

Make Sure Children Exercise Regularly Gail Carlson

Pets In Child Care Lesia Oesterreich

Revised Recommendations for Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the American Academy
of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Institute of Child Health and Human

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