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The First Texas Council of Camp Fire

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Your Rights are to:

  • Be involved in your child's education and care
  • Receive information regarding your child's progress and development
  • Share in decisions about the care of your child
  • Have frequent contact with teachers about your child
  • Have access to the classroom through visitation or observation
  • Be recognized as the “Expert” when it comes to your child
  • Be informed when a communicable disease or traumatic situation has arisen at the program
  • Be informed by the teacher when your child has a problem
  • Be informed about changes in fees, teachers, or programming

Your Responsibilities are to:

  • Be involved in your child's education and learning
  • Let the teacher know you are concerned and interested in your child and his progress
  • Set goals with the teacher and share in decisions about your child's care
  • Share information about the child and home that may affect behavior
  • Discuss problems and concerns with the teacher first
  • Show appreciation for teachers
  • Continually upgrade your parenting skills and understanding of children
  • Volunteer to assist the teacher in some way
  • Follow the child care program's policies and reread contract and policy manual regularly
  • Keep your child home when sick unless sick care is provided
  • Read to your child and spend time talking and playing together

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Developed For The National Network for Child Care by The First Texas Council of Camp Fire
Sharon E. Hirschy, M.S., CFLE in cooperation with The Texas Agricultural Extension Service

Supported by the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension System's Children, Youth, and Family Network.

National Network for Child Care – NNCC. Part of CYFERNET, the National Extension Service Children Youth and Family Educational Research Network. Permission is granted to reproduce these materials in whole or in part for educational purposes only(not for profit beyond the cost of reproduction) provided that the author and Network receive acknowledgment and this notice is included:

Reprinted with permission from the National Network for Child Care – NNCC.
National Network for Child Care. (1998). What are my parental rights and responsibilities when my child is in child care. NNCC-98-004.

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